Growing up in the wild west country on a diet of: Hip Hop culture, skateboarding, Sci-Fi and comic art
Ezpz’s journey to become a respected artist, DJ, musician, animator and designer wasn’t an easy one but it was the only one.
After owning the south west DJ circuit , working with his first band Hiphoperation, studying graphic
design and perfecting the art of graffiti in the mid 90’s Ezpz has since gone global From being part of ”Two Ball Loo”
one of the most prolific western bands to be signed to a japanese record label to creating animations featuring the likes of the one and only RZA from the Wu Tang Clan!.
London to L.A , New York to Tokyo. Performing live on stage and collaborating with many of the worlds biggest names,artistically and musically. Ez is as much at home on the bill at the lryix organix stage Glastonbury 2011 with a not quite as rich and famous Ed Shearin as delivering music videos for Rodney P and Skitz, Gab Gotcha or his own Time Banditz project with friend and UK hip hop pioneer Natty.

2013 and beyond promises some of “The EZA's” finest work yet: The long awaited Time Banditz album/video/comic/phone app,
A range of original Ezpz T-shirts and rumours of another Wu Tang Killa Bee video project.

“I only have one word to say about Ezpz’s work...AMAZING”

RayroQ Wu Music Group